Skip&Die – “Jungle Riot”

It might seem lazy or facile to compare Skip&Die to M.I.A. but the comparisons are unavoidable. The differences are what count though.

Founded by South African visual artist Cata Pirata and Dutch producer Jori Collignon, Skip&Die has now grown into a fully-fledged band with an album, “Riots in the Jungle”, out on Crammed Discs. “Riots in the Jungle” is fully immersed in the music and subcultures of South Africa, having being written whilst traveling through South Africa’s Soweto, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Guguletu. Skip&Die collaborated with many of SA’s most inspiring music makers and English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, Spanish and Portuguese. Styled by Knuckle Duster, the video is a riot of colour, environments and political imagery.

Going back to the aforementioned comparisons, to me it just feels like rather than the posturing and magpie-approach of M.I.A., Skip&Die seems to fully immerse themselves and collaborate with the culture they espouse. But that’s just me…


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