Death Grips X Galen Pehrson – “True Vulture”

The latest Death Grips headline is that, after the controversy that ensued following the band prematurely releasing the new album “No Love Deep Web” on Soundcloud, at the start of last week, Epic Records dropped the band. So Death Grips have a ton of publicity and buzz surrounding them, I’m not sure what Epic Records gained from it though.

Still, it gives us an excuse to post this video. As unconventional & uncompromising as ever, Death Grips latest video doesn’t even feature a song from the aforementioned infamous, prematurely-released new album. The song is “True Vulture” and the video is a collaboration between Death Grips and animator Galen Pehrson for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

Both the music and the video’s content are what you’d expect from Death Grips; deeply odd, abrasive and strangely compelling.

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