Charlotte Rutherford

Charlotte Rutherford is a photographer I got in contact through Twitter. Here she is (follow her – it’s good karma):

I had a photography assignment for an outside job and I needed a photographer. Someone highly recommended Charlotte for two reasons;

  1. Because she’s in town
  2. And she’s awesome

I checked her out and I was immediately smacked into looking at a pro. Her collage work even – excellent… We never did get to work together but I’m waiting for the next project to rear it’s head and give her a call for what would be an awesome shoot.

Charlotte has been published in and her work featured on Forever21, LoveClothing, the Unconventional, Snapixel and loads more. Currently based in Norwich, UK she’s a fashion and portrait photographer (who also has just gotten into video direction – see some of her work on her website below but don’t forget about the blog).