Charles Bergquist’s ‘Everyday’

Charles Bergquist’s ‘Everyday’ tumblr is one of those wonderful things, done not for profit or acclaim but because Bergquist wants to create. The site is a collection of original imagery that would otherwise go unseen. In the ever-changing, disposable world of the internet, Charles is creating something new everyday and seeing how long it will last.

One of the things I like most about Charles’ work is that his work focusses as much on documenting at it’s simplest as clever manipulation of images; breathtaking landscapes will appear the day after a surreal, warped image of a mystery female. The Everyday blog focusses on beauty in all it’s forms.

As well as doing the lovely ‘Everyday’ project, Charles is also a talented director and photographer, with an impressive resume under his belt. If you didn’t know, get to know…