mr. Gnome – “House of Circles”

Woah now. Way to rip the title for most epic music video short-film from MJ’s less than thrilled hands. mr. Gnome really isn’t fooling around here. With a track that calls to mind PJ Harvey’s sickly sweet affectations and Queens of the Stone Age’s supple rock, House of Circles is a tour de force of character, accomplishing something so massive with an unbelievable budget of under $2k (how was that possible?).

The video description goes something like –

The evil Queen Machine in her bid for immortality destroyed the world around her, eating everything in sight until there was nothing left. With no more life to power her machine, she turned to the source of all life, the sun. Bit by bit she ate the sun. Her devastation was met with resistance by a small group of rebels dubbed, The Collectors. One by one they recollected the pieces of the sun to put back in the sky, so life could live again. They fought what was a losing battle to the Queen and her minion army, The Sun Stealers. With the sun powering their half machine bodies, they were too strong. The rebel army was decimated. All of The Collectors fell until there was only one, and with her she held the Lone Star. She was the last living being holding the last pieces of the sun. With her was the last chance for life to live again.