Celebrine – “Hit me”

Yeah I thought I was going to hate this too. But I made through to the end just because of how little Britney is actually left in this cover. Celebrine is a Moscow based duo formed in 2011 (first release in Spring) by Kate Logacheva (the girl in the video) and Ilya Dmitriev. Both of them have academic background in music and art.

Made with an iPhone for this wintry season, Kate Logacheva says;

Yes, we did a cover of Britney Spears. Not our most favorite singer, but the (song is a) symbolic figure for all teenagers late nineties and the main sex symbol of the time… the song is very sticky, and began to play in my head, magically reflecting my emotions. Of course, we always infuriated with her (Britney’s) mush, and we have made it our style, with pretentious superhero synthetic harmonies and a danceable rhythm.