Bryan Saunders – 50 Drugs, 50 Self-Portraits

For the past 17 years Bryan Saunders has been sitting in his apartment, drawing a self portrait or two each day. One series of portraits in particular has become very well known, having been displayed alongside artists such Damien Hirst in Maison Rouge gallery in Paris.

That series would be the 50 portraits created under 50 different types of drug. From prescription drugs such as Valium to illegal substances such as cocaine and bath salts, Bryan has painted under the influence of a dizzying amount of different highs (and lows). The results are a kaleidoscopic range of work, ranging from dark biro sketches to vibrant collages. It’s not just a gimmick either. You can tell Bryan has obvious artistic talent, and this series is taken from the 8,700 Bryan says he has done.

Although you might have already heard about Bryan, this video by Jon Ronson gives a deeper insight into a talented artist’s unconventional life. Despite it’s short length, this has got be one of the most engaging videos I’ve seen in a age.

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