Durex Virtual Sex Underwear

Durex – one of the most well-known manufacturers of contraceptives in the world, is at it again. They didn’t stop with the tingling mint ball cream, oh no. Now they’re crossing borders and making sure you navigate your lonely horny times with your lover even when you’re not on the same continent.

Dildonics is nothing new. Yes, you heard me. ‘Dildonics’ is a word. Coined by computer guru Ted Nelson in the 1980s, it is often portrayed in the media by a guy wearing sensor gloves or a computerized helmet doing the tango with a hot babe until he is interrupted by a store clerk asking for his credit card. In reality, it began in the chat rooms of America Online with simple command prompts and very very dangerous electronics.

Today it has blossomed into all sorts of remote control toys and dildos – I remember seeing a blue tooth one earlier this year dubbed simply ‘The Toy’ – whose websites is now curiously offline – Durex buy out?


'The Toy'

Now, Durex’s ‘Fundawear‘ (that’s seriously what they’re calling it) takes dildonics to a whole new level by adding touch sensitive pads and multiple stimulation points. Actually, I think they’re pretty genius… would you wear them?

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