Zealous.co just launched this month, which is good news for all you creatives out there without any coding skills. Kind of like LinkedIn for artists or Dribbble for graphic artists, Zealous touts itself as “your cover page – your gateway into the creative world”.

Zealous allows you to:

  • – Showcase your work with large wallpaper-size images and easy embedding of videos
  • – Find interesting content through the customisable cover page
  • – Find collaborators and their work through a simple search, and see their whole creative portfolio
  • – Hold a list of contacts, and swap contact information with people you wish to work with
  • – Stay up to date with what other creatives are sharing on the site by following them, and sharing their works with your followers.

We sat down with Zealous founder Guy Armitage and got the dirt on the newest platform for creatives.

What Zealous all about and what gap does it fill?

Creativity is excessively fragmented, creatives often work alone or as smaller groups, contracted out. They do have access to current platforms, which themselves are fragmented (e.g. Behance for design, Vimeo for film, Flickr for photography) forcing users to move from space to space to showcase different aspects of their creativity. This makes it difficult for them to find one another, identify opportunities for their skill set in other industries (e.g. an architect can move into set design) and keep their audience updated in one place (including potential employers and clients).

Zealous unifies creativity by giving creatives the ability to share their work across all fields and building their credibility in one place, which in turn gives them access to more experienced collaborators, a bigger chance to raise capital through crowd funding platforms (investors like to know what they are investing in) and a space to build their audience around their own personal brand (and share their audience with their collaborators, making the consumption of media much more organic).

Are you a creative yourself?

Yes, I have been taking photographs ever since I was able to hold a camera, done some acting (most notably recently for a short part in a film called Soulmate) and wrote and directed my first ever short film at the start of this year.


What has Zealous done that you’re most proud of?

We’ve already built a sizable user base on the prototype alone, started giving well received talks at universities and reaching out to a large number of governmental organisations worldwide to help their artists grow (including Art Council and the LA Dept of Culture), and that’s without even having launched yet.

Where do you see Zealous in five years?

In 5 years Zealous will be synonymous with creativity, artists worldwide will come to our platform as the first port of call to share their work, collaborate with others and build their audience.

We’ll also have started reaching out to audiences, helping people find exactly what they want to see/hear/experience, giving our artists the maximum exposure possible. Also we want to delve into the physical world with Zealous events (showcasing the best works live, think awesome mix media party) and spaces (a form of creative accelerators).

What’s coming up that we should be aware of – any events in London?

If you’re interested in seeing the latest generation of art and film before they get big, I can’t recommend Freerange and Primecuts enough, good quality student work from across the UK.

For the more commercial ones I’m very excited about Souzou an exhibit of Japanese art by the Wellcome Collection. I find travelling art is a great form of inspiration. There’s also a real treat at the V&A, in the form of David Bowie Is.

Create your profile at Zealous.co

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