Millie Brown

Millie Brown (26) is an up-and-coming artist that, in the style of others like Warhol or Pier Paolo Pasolini (both piss artists), uses her bodily fluids to create her art on canvass. Though I’m not sure you could call the fluids she excretes ‘bodily’ save for the fact they have been in her stomach for a short while…

Brown spent her youth growing up in a Bohemian family who moved around Spain and the South of France – unable to grasp the local dialect, she befriended local street punks and spent a lot of her youth sleeping in abandoned buildings and riding in trucks across Europe. After a brief stint in LA she moved to London at 17 and embarked on her career in performance art and film.

She’s hotly tipped as ‘the next big thing’ – even appearing a Lady Gaga video where she vomits milk on the singer. Word on the street is that you should snatch up her stale milk vomit paintings before she quits regurgitating completely. And my hat is off to you if you got through the whole video without clutching your throat. I know I didn’t.

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