7 Most Innovative Tech for Men

In today’s tech driven-society, it is noticeable how gadget inventors are discovering new ways to integrate technology in our daily lives. It may arrive in the form of an eye-catching fashion piece or an innovative and functional everyday tool. For guys who want to try something new, we’ll present below 7 most innovative bizarre tech pieces across the globe.

Walkie Talkie

Can you imagine wearing a pair of walking shoes that doubles as a mobile phone? Dubbed as “Walkie Takies,” this classic man’s brogue features an old Nokia phone embedded in its sole. It’s fully functional too, allowing you to send a text and make an outgoing call with a keypad and LCD screen implanted at the very base of the right shoe. But, unless you’re that flexible, you need to take it off your feet in order to use the cellular component. It’s actually a recycling project from United Kingdom carrier O2, in their initiative to make use of the old feature phones being sold to them. The photo seen above, taken from O2’s News Page, is an example of the Walkie Talkie on the move.

It’s reinforced to be dust and water proof, so you don’t really need to worry about wearing it amidst a heavy rain. The pair cost $4,000. Apart from the classic man’s brogue, they also offer the mobile shoe in Nike Air Trainer and Hunter Wellington boot.

Keyboard Jeans

Photo from PC Lanches

A pair of Jeans is every man’s casual wear. Thanks to Dutch inventor Jasper van Loenden, we can now purchase a dark handmade trousers with an embedded soft keypad, practically located on the lap portion. Officially called as the “Beauty and the Geek,” this purposeful keyboard can be connected to your laptop or desktop PC through its built-in USB cable hidden beneath its pocket. There’s also a small speaker if you want to amplify your computer’s stereo. To help you with the navigation, there’s also a tiny mouse that’s implanted into its adjustable belt. Cool, isn’t it, for a price of £250 ($386)? But, you have to send it for dry cleaning service all the time.

Doryu 2-16 Handgun Camera

This is actually a novelty piece of gadget from Doryu from Japan. For men who likes action, it looks and feels like a real 9mm

Photo from Christie’s

handgun that could be seen in the old James Bond flick. But, it’s actually a 16mm film-based still image camera. To make it more realistic, you need to load a bullet cartridge before shooting at your aim. It wouldn’t discharge though. It’ll just create a loud bang when snapping pictures. It sells for £4,000 – £6,000 ($6,178 – $9,267). A specimen has been reportedly auctioned in London last 2001 for £25,000 ($38,613).

Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack

It’s a dark-coloured regular backpack at first sight. Little did you know, it’s actually a charging bag for your handheld electronics like smartphones and tablets. It includes Micro and Mini USB adapters that allow you to simultaneously power two gadgets. It features a 3.4 watt self-charging monocrystalline solar panel which is also waterproof and shock-resistant. It fully charges when exposed in the sun for about six hours. One hour of charging will give your connected device up to 75 minutes of talk time. This isn’t an ordinary bag too since it also features a secured padded laptop sleeve inside. The only drawback of the solar bag is that it doesn’t support charging of notebook computers. Hopefully, they’ll include this on their future iterations. Available in Ash and Black, this wearable gadget is priced at $129.

LCD Belt Buckle

Photo from OhGizmo

Let your partners or friends enjoy a home theatre experience from your belt. That’s what LCD Belt Buckle is all about. Instead of a shiny iron buckle, this one is a tiny touchscreen gadget with a resolution of 320×240. It has a maximum internal storage of 2GB, expandable via Micro-SD card. AVI, MP4 and JPEG files can be ported to the device through an SD card. It’s available for $279 sans the memory card and the belt.

Androidly Smartwatch

Do you fancy a smartphone around your wrist? Forget about the rumoured iWatch from Apple. The Androidly Smartwatch is a full-fledged Android gizmo that supports all your favourite mobile apps like Gmail, Youtube, Twitter, Google Maps, Drive and Winamp Media Player. Of course, there are limitations given the ancient Éclair v.2.2 of the Google mobile operating system. However, it works with a globally issued-SIM cards and will allow you to browse wirelessly over Wi-Fi or EDGE. It also has a built-in SD card with 16GB of storage plus a 2-megapixel front camera. It is initially offered at £150 ($233).

Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard and Touchpad

Photo from onswipe-jmk
Photo from onswipe-jmk

Plunge yourself into the future with this holographic Magic Celluon Cube. It’s a keyboard and touchpad for computers and mobile phones. The cube uses Bluetooth in order to connect with your gadgets. Once enabled, a glowing red laser paper-sized QWERTY keyboard will be projected near the device which detects your finger movement when typing. Available at $115.45, this cool gadget will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.

These are some of the most innovative and trend-setting gizmos we’ve gathered across the globe. If you are purchasing one for yourself, what would it be?

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