Fab Ciraolo

Everyday, we find ourselves balancing on a thin line between the past and the present – we walk the streets of ancient cities with iPhones in our hands and wistfully watch black-and-white films on our plasma screens. Chilean illustrator Fab Ciraolo managed to bridge the two worlds by bringing great icons of times long past back to life. Only this time, they are resurrected as hipsters and rock stars, complete with tattoos, risque outfits and raunchy poses. This creative juxtaposition of nostalgic glamour and edgy modernity should be enough to make you stop and think: “Do we ever really change?”

dorothy FabCiraoloShow_web02 FabCiraoloShow_web03 FabCiraoloShow_web04 FabCiraoloShow_web05 FabCiraoloShow_web07 FabCiraoloShow_web08 Fabian-Ciraolo-Che-Guevara-540x540 Fabian-Ciraolo-Cleopatra Fabian-Ciraolo-Frida Fabian-Ciraolo-Salvador-Dali-540x540 Fabian-Ciraolo-Welcome-to-heaven-540x540 ladydi marilyn


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