CULTMEOW is a haven for kitty obsessed elites to engage in all things cat considered. It features articles about cat inspired fashion, art, design, and culture news; all in one convenient blog. Created by Kathy Tran, former LAND contributor writer, CULTMEOW strives to explore the cat internet obsession. By writing well written cat culture articles, it encourages cat owners to improve their cats’ daily lives . In fact, next week there will be a DIY tutorial for creating homemade cat toys, so definitely keep your eyes on more content to come. CULTMEOW plans to push kitty felinitarianism efforts by donating 5% of any of its profit and will document ways you can help cats in your local area.


The blog launched last week and welcomes all artists, musicians and creative alikes who draw inspiration from cats to contact them about featuring their work on the blog. It also curates a section called, “Kitty Brag Time,” where readers can get to know real cats. There is a portion of society that keeps pictures of their cats in their bags and phones to brag about their cats. Well, now those people have another outlet.

If you are interested in being able to brag about your cat, drop them an email at

A good place to start you CULTMEOW obsession would be this post on 10 Catificent Tattoos.

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