Erin M. Riley sext tapestries

Erin M. Riley has found a way to take what was once supposed to be a few seconds of fun and transformed them into something that will last much, much longer. These tapestries of sexts are from images taken on the hugely popular app Snapchat that boasts over 200 million snapped pictures and video taken by its users on a daily basis, up from 150 million just a few months before and is valued at over $3.5 billion (even though they have no clear revenue stream at the moment).

These pieces actually remind me of the tapestry work that Grayson Perry (the infamous transvestite artist whose classical taste on modern topics is widely recognized) showcased in his series The Vanity of Small Differences and on Channel 4’s a BBC series ‘The Middle Class‘ which is worth your time if you can find the full episodes.

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