Kallisti – “Arc Of Fire”

Directed by Lorenzo Senni, Kallisti’s “Arc Of Fire” on NO RELATION features chrome women in varying scenes posing for a what must be a photoshoot for a fetish body painting website.

And yes, body painting is a fetish (how could it not be?) though I couldn’t come up with a specific term for it, say like ‘Furries’ I did stumble upon a bodypainting fetish tumblr which is okay if you’re into that sort of thing?

Kallisti is a pretty unknown Montreal-based artist who takes takes its name from the expression inscribed on the Greek mythological “golden apple of discord,” which sparked a feud of vanity between Hera, Athena and Aphordite that would eventually lead to the Trojan war.

The video is starting to make a bit more sense now isn’t it?

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