‘Binary Collection’ : recycled computer component furniture

South carolina-based artist Benjamin Rollins Caldwell has spent countless hours sifting through thrift stores, antique stores, abandoned warehouses and salvage yards to compile a vast array of obsolete computer equipment and electronic components for ‘Binary Collection’ at Design Miami 2013.

Presented by industry gallery washinton DC & los angeles, the series of bespoke furniture pieces have been completely covered with a collage of motherboards, computer chips, LED screens and hard drive disks held in place by sheet metal screws. About the collection, Caldwell says

Everything is 100% recycled from computers that have been reclaimed from schools and offices that are getting rid of their equipment

binary-collection-Benjamin-Rollins-Caldwell-designboom01 binary-collection-Benjamin-Rollins-Caldwell-designboom02 binary-collection-Benjamin-Rollins-Caldwell-designboom03 binary-collection-Benjamin-Rollins-Caldwell-designboom04 binary-collection-Benjamin-Rollins-Caldwell-designboom05 binary-collection-Benjamin-Rollins-Caldwell-designboom06 binary-collection-Benjamin-Rollins-Caldwell-designboom07

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