Aaron De La Cruz for 55DSL & Birkenstock – curated by Arkitip

55DSL are doing yet another collaboration – and this one’s a good ‘un.

­Collaborations are at the heart of 55DSL’s DNA who has long history of working with the most creative young talent; from linking up with Tony Hawk (in his 90’s skating heyday), to giving film-making collective CANADA a platform to produce their first short film. These people thrive on building creatively fuelled partnerships.

They’ve now teamed up with legendary sandal makers Birkenstock, Los Angeles based art publisher Arkitip and San Francisco based artist Aaron De La Cruz, to bring you the 55DSL x Birkenstock Monterey Sandal.

The partnership has been completely organic and has turned into an authentic four-way dialogue and creative process. De La Cruz’s style of mixing organic methods with strict geometric shapes and lines matched the heritage of Birkenstock and the San Francisco roots of Aaron’s youth.

De La Cruz describes the project as

…one big happy family affair to work with Arkitip, 55DSL and Birkenstock. This is a very exciting and inspirational challenge; I am excited to simultaneously create a mural while having the excess paint create a design of their own on the sandals.

You can feel the love watching them collaborate on the project together in the behind the scenes video below.

[vimeo id=”86343959″]

Check out more at 55DSL.com

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