Street style: An eye for detail

Sod normcore, this is how to do it

During London Fashion Week, and indeed, wandering along the streets of East London on a Saturday morning, it can sometimes be tricky to pick out the real deal amongst the fashionable masses. So we got down to the nitty gritty to find out what makes the difference between those that get snapped, and those that get sadly ignored. 

Moving away from clashes of patterns and colour, the small details are what really counts. Turned-up, patterned cuffs; logos on an all black ensemble and using your hair as the statement of the outfit, are good ways to stand out and thus get sniffed out.

LFW 2014 Orange Hair

Orange, check. Shaved undercut, check, Leather jacket, check. We love this statement haircut.

All images:  Jordy Evans

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