When nature meets art

The altered nature of Allan Forsyth’s work is a feast for the eyes. Here are some of our favourites


Nature spotting isn’t for everyone. Some of us prefer to wake up to the low whine of a buses outside the bedroom window, as opposed to the sweet song of a morning bird. But there are ways to enjoy nature that don’t involve investing in wellies and taking long country walks. From the 6th February to the 28th of March, the Elena Shchukina gallery in Mayfair is hosting Allan Forsyth’s  photography based exhibition, Vivid Light, and listen when I say it’s pretty fucking impressive.

Forsyth said of his showcase: “Vivid Light provides a visual experience enabling visitors to enter a world of discovery whereby nature, albeit altered, takes centre stage.”

So if the explorer in you is in the mood for some discovering, have a flick through our gallery of favourites, or even better, go see the exhibition for yourself.

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