Melbourne-based Greta Larkins (behind the fashgifs tumblr blog), animates high-fashion items from designer denim to runway-ready rompers, uniting technology, digital animation and couture. Sourcing original images from online style magazines and publications, the photoshop-enthusiast cuts and pastes various parts of the outfits and rearranges them into moving compositions. activating movement frame by frame, the still shots are finally run together so animation smoothly develops.

Regarding the digital process, the artist tells Scoutitout that

usually the outfit inspires the GIF so once a look jumps out I throw it into photoshop and begin retouching. if for example you’re moving a models leg you need to make a new layer with that leg and then fill in what the space behind her leg would look like. this is where the photoshop trickery comes into play. once complete you multiply the leg layer from step A and move it accordingly, run it all together and voilá, you have animation.

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