Soon Your Computer Display Will Correct Your Vision

New technology under development at the University of California-Berkeley and MIT automatically corrects people’s vision defects without glasses. Plug a glasses prescription into the new software, and the system calculates how to display the image so it won’t look blurry. Basically, by adjusting the light from each pixel on a device and then passing it through a tiny mesh attached to a monitor or phone screen, the system personalizes the image so it’s crystal clear.

If you’re farsighted, the display would mean you wouldn’t have to lean inches away from a computer, or struggle to find glasses when a smartphone buzzes late at night. In a car, the technology could be used to display navigation or other information on a dashboard. The display could also be useful for people who wear glasses to see at a distance, since those glasses make it hard to see up close (picture your grandmother peering over her spectacles).


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