After Dark

Four robots designed for late night exploration of Tate Britain’s galleries are guided over the internet by people all over the world. Take control of one of them.

Every few minutes the robots select new operators to drive them around the galleries. To have a chance of being selected, go to the Take Control section of this page. The robots will know you are waiting and they will do their best to take you on ride if your Chrome browser settings and internet connection are compatible. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy the live stream on this page while you wait.

The Robots know how to navigate the galleries: they were designed and developed specifically for the task. Using the on-screen buttons or the arrow keys on your keyboard, the robots can turn and move forward. They can also look up or down. They sense obstacles around them and they feed this information to you, the operator, to help you navigate the galleries. If they get too close to an object they will not move any closer and they will notify you through the control interface. When this happens the robots are still able to turn on the spot until the path ahead is clear and the journey can continue.

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