Guy builds his own girlfriend with Oculus Rift and a novelty mouse pad

NicoVideo.Jp user RyutoSouma has devised a way to touch boobs “in the vitrual space” (his words not ours). Using an Oculus Ruft headset running a custom program of a girl that he says he’s allowed to use (complete with female noises when you grope the character), Ryuto has created a physical girlfriend using one of those novelty mouse pads that you rest your wrist on (in-between a woman’s cleavage of course) that sell themselves as helping with repetitive wrist strain.


Outside the mouse pad, Ryuto has hooked up a Leap Motion to sense his grabbing efforts and inside, an Arduino Mega to sense the forcefulness of his touch.


A loosely translated description of his video says:

I tried to make the boobs touch in the virtual space. Update: It is the lack of coordination sensor are you massaged Gashigashi the boobs now, okay to touch gently! After, boobs is soft Truly (* ‘ω’ *)

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