There’s a drug market on Instagram you may not know about

There’s an illegal drug market on Instagram, and although the app has blocked certain hashtags, there’s still an easy way to promote the sale of drugs on Instagram.

A source with direct knowledge of Instagram’s drug trade sent Fletch Babb a document that lays out the process to circumvent the app’s mobile-only posting restrictions. It’s deceptively simple. It’s also perfectly legal (except for the actual “selling drugs” part).

  • Start with a new laptop. Cheap is fine.
  • Install and run Ubuntu.
  • Install VirtualBox, which lets you use a “guest” OS in a window inside your computer’s main OS without making it vulnerable. This sandbox environment is generally used for safely testing apps and software or running old software that isn’t supported by a current OS.
  • Download and run an Android OS emulator in VirtualBox. We won’t link directly to that part, but essentially you’ll end up with an Android OS running in a window inside your Linux system.
  • Download a VPN. At approximately $50, an annual subscription is a steal, especially if you’d like to safely sell drugs directly to Instagram’s massive audience.
  • Inside the Android emulator, connect to the Internet via the VPN.
  • Use the emulator to download the Instagram app.

[Source: Venturebeat]

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