Stupidest Accessories



In my opinion, it’s pretty hard to find nails offensive. There are only so many colours of nail varnish and most of them are ace. But then Barry M went and threw a spanner in the works with its Crackle Nail varnish. I’m not entirely sure I understand what this product tried to achieve because most times I saw it in action, it just looked like smudged nails. In the worse cases with the more debateable colour choices (see above), it looked more like a depressed teenager had carved into their nails with a bic biro during double maths, and it all cases, the nails felt like sandpaper. Back to the drawing board I’m afraid Bazza.

And then, thanks to the good people over at Made In Chelsea, there was a time when girls painted their nails different colours from each other. ‘How clever!’ we all thought, ‘Why haven’t I been doing this the whole time?’ The answer is of course, because you’re not a children’s entertainer. However, if you keep doing that to your nails, people will think that you are and then no-one will invite you to parties or sleep with you. The good news is that both of these accessory trends seem to be very much in the past (2013) and nail art by incredibly talented, creative technicians seems to be being taken more seriously.

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