Stupidest Accessories



Kanye West is someone I think has a lot to answer for in the fashion word. Namely his Red October trainers, but in this case, it’s the sunglasses. If they had just existed in the Stronger video, or just on his Glow in the Dark tour, it would have been fine and I’m sure they would have been fondly remembered. But, as it goes, the survived to exist in normal-people-land and remain the tell-tale sign of the biggest prat at a festival/party/Oceana…etc. Made all the worst for the fact that they’re white. And I’m not even sure why that is. Maybe because they look like the white wayfarer’s which are favoured among tourists along Oxford Street (who never really get snapped in the Street Style pages, for a reason.) And which also adorn the face of every prat at a festival/party/Oceana. When a person wears these, even the gods are cringing for them.

In a similar sense but nowhere near as offensive, are the thick rimmed glasses pioneered (I think) by WWF’s the Dudley Boys, but accredited to the face of Alexa Chung. I like these glasses and I think they suit a lot of faces, but when any given Starbucks in central London is full of more of these glasses than it is people with full time jobs, it gets a little boring. Likewise are the Kourtney Kardashian bug-eye sunnies. Much more improved since the days when Paris Hilton used to champion them but still irritating when they suddenly appear in their masses come the first day of spring. Before I go any further here, perhaps I should explain. Because I am English, painfully so, I feel silly when I wear sunglasses in Britain. It just feels wrong.

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