Stupidest Accessories



Back in the real world though, things are a lot more hazardous. Things like nose chains, belly chains, harnesses and ring to wrist bracelets require careful consideration. I once saw a girl in one of these (rather intimidating) ring to wrist bracelet things try to buy a copy of The Big Issue with the change in her pocket. It all out of hand very quickly. Her earphones got caught in her bracelet as she was pulling her hand out of her pocket and her change went everywhere and the man selling the Big Issue had to help her pick it up and then she sort of just kept all the change and backed off. It was awful. And the moral of the story is of course, don’t give to the homeless. Whilst wearing confusing and intimidating bracelets. I think. Nose chains should also probably come with more safety warnings, not least because they make you look like a reluctant Hell’s Angel. And belly chains and harnesses do not make you look like Beyoncé, they make you look like a hip hop reject, aka. Serena Williams. They are also probably quite restricting after a big lunch. And that can’t make anyone feel good about themselves.

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