Accessible VR company AirVR is an iPad on your face

A new Kickstarter campaign wants to make virtual reality accessible to the masses by essentially creating a headstrap for your iPhone and iPad. While not as affordable or new as Google’s DIY cardboard VR straps (available for $6.99), AirVR wants to allowing users to visit and experience remote locations, go on virtual vacations, and attend events from around the world for the low low cost of $49 CAD. At the time of writing, the campaign is only half funded with 28 days to go.

Imagine working in a true private virtual office remotely from a plane flight or train. Stargazing on a cloudy night without the need for a telescope, or even to leave the comfort of your bed. And even more exciting is the impact VR will have the web, with a new world of immersive VR sites and services, all accessible through the pre-existing infrastructure.

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