55DSL x 686 Snowboarding Collection Launches With ‘Moshpit’ Short Film

The original rock gods put their stamp on a look that has since become a timeless symbol of a counterculture that will never die. The birth of denim and leather was spawned by the same youth and rebellion that years later fuelled a new sport called “snowboarding.” Bringing together 55DSL’s action sports roots, maximal imagery from 80’s metal culture and 686’s potent design, this collaboration sees 55DSL return to the slopes with a vengeance. 686 exclusive infiDRY® waterproof fabric and 55DSL signature graphics are guaranteed to keep you rocking while on the hill at all times.

In true 55DSL fashion, the brand has once again collaborated with vital, young creative talent. Director Stephen Agnew is responsible for music videos for the likes of Drenge and The Vaccines, whilst graphic artist Ruff Mercy has lent his hand to projects by Disclosure and Mary J Blige.

The 55DSL x 686 ‘Moshpit’ video turns the gaze of ultra-slow motion cameras to a wild, un-hinged circle pit, set to doomy guitar riffs and reverb-laden drums. Shot in a South-London warehouse space, ‘Moshpit’ is an examination of what happens when bodies collide in the midst of the heaviest hardcore punk gigs – every detail from beads of sweat to rippling guitar stings are caught in super high-definition slow motion.

Check out some behind-the-scenes shots of the video being made.
























About 686

686 was founded by Mike West in 1992 as a technical apparel brand with a unique viewpoint – drawing inspiration equally from the city (Los Angeles, Ca) and the mountains (the parks of Big Bear, Ca and backcountry of Whistler, BC). Mike’s independent viewpoint caught on quickly and innovations such as the patented multi-use Toolbelt and trademarked 3-in-1 SMARTY® detachable layering system set 686 apart from the rest of technical apparel manufactures. In its 22nd season, 686 remains one of the last large independent technical apparel brands, and is committed to creating new, unique and purposeful technical apparel and accessories.

About 55DSL

55DSL is the original Italian streetwear brand uniting subcultures around the world, through a shared passion for creativity and fashion. Created in 1994 as an experimental spin-off of the popular Diesel brand, 55DSL is now an independent apparel company belonging to Only The Brave group (Diesel) with a lively and provocative identity, and a fresh young attitude.

Check out more at 55DSL, 686.com and purchase the collection at Diesel.com/55DSLx686 or select Diesel stores.

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