This Is A Love Song launched their “Crazy Sexy Cool” campaign in Feb, but it hasn’t aged these past 6 months. Shot by photographer Angga Pratama and Dutch model Helene Janssen. Styling done by Angie Anggoro and make-up by Anastasia.

“It is our AW14 womens collection which is inspired by the 90s hip hop queens like TLC and Aaliyah. This also marks the debut of our footwear and eyewear making it a 100 piece collection with all the dresses, outerwear, dungarees, shirts, skirts, baggy pants, bags and headwear. We have kept the colour palette a simple monochrome with only a touch of colour through a digital print which took its inspiration from the Balinese mythical creature called the Barong as an homage to where the garments are made. Besides representing our roots, we have also introduced a logo series with the Gen Y Logo tee and the anticipated Logo Bondage Bra.”

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