Dan Gluibizzi’s ‘Between Friends’ watercolours

Portland-via-New York artist Dan Gluibizzi (pronounced “glue-busy”)’s solo exhibition “Between Friends” featured his most recent studies, many of which are modeled from images he discovered through Tumblr. Explaining his chosen title, Gluibizzi says,

We live in a world dominated by social media; everything is constantly ‘between friends.’ That term is sort of slightly nefarious, something’s going on, it’s between friends. Or, we’re in this time of data collection and what is private? ‘Oh, this is between friends,’—but everyone knows it’s not between friends. And I think that’s what fascinates me about the adult content that is posted and viewed online. Many of those posted images were [originally] intended for someone specific, perhaps, and now they’re sort of ‘between friends.'”

dan-gluibizzi-between-friends-2014-thumb-620x536-77026 dan-gluibizzi-blue-archive-thumb-307x413-77030 dan-gluibizzi-few-friends-thumb-335x359-77056 dan-gluibizzi-interview-thumb-620x461-76984 dan-gluibizzi-red-archive-thumb-307x411-77028 dan-gluibizzi-studio-thumb-620x463-77052 dan-gluibizzi-visitors-thumb-269x360-77058 Gluibizzi-5_2C-bongs_2C-2014-thumb-620x500-76986 gluibizzi-smokers-2014-thumb-295x378-77050 our-season-gluibizzi-2013-thumb-620x473-77054

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