Get On Up: the activity tracker that makes music as you move

Get On Up is the latest app from adaptive music company BioBeats, which is based in LA, London, and Pisa. The company boasts investors like Will Smith, Deepak Chopra, the Far East Movement, and Kevin Colleran (one of the first 10 employees of Facebook).

The premise behind the app is simple, if you’ve been sitting on your ass too long, it tells you to get up. Your friends can also see how inactive you’ve been and nudge you by sending you a message or emojii. Which is when the fun really starts – when you actually do get up, it starts playing music (both streaming from your soundcloud and dynamically generated music stems included in the app) that matches your movmements. So if you’re walking around, or decide to go for a run, or want to dance with it, the music plays at your pace. The music engine is super sensitive as well so when you stop (at a red light or someone wants to talk to you) the music immediately stop too. It’s like having a soundtrack to your life.

BioBeats is working with the BPI (British Phonographic Industry) to get serious artists on the app so you can stream songs you know and love while moving about. Unlike a DJ though, the music won’t just be sped up and slowed down. Their music engine actually breaks down the song into it’s constituent parts so you have a different musical experience every time (and get to hear bits of your favourite songs that you never knew were there).

Right now, they’re giving away a free year’s premium membership.

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