Is fashion finally going to be more fun?

With Instagram and social media giving newspapers even less of an exclusive scoop on celebrity gossip by cutting out the middle man and giving us their own news – ‘selfies’ with who their now dating, outfits their wearing, where they’re going, sooner or later paparazzi will be made redundant. But even more so, it’s given us an insight into the personalities of stars – what they get up to when they’re not putting on their ‘Vb x’ persona in front of the cameras.

Supermodels in particular have recently been the most interesting to follow, with celebrities like the Kardashians becoming less interesting by the day as they put so much voluntary information about themselves we feel like its not exclusive anymore and it’s becoming a bore. Whereas supermodels is, and always will be, exclusive, as it’s a industry that is so cut throat and particular with who meets the requirements to be a supermodel.

It has always been portrayed as a strict industry and, admittedly, we assume that these models have no soul and stereotype eating disorders and addictions – but this industry has turned completely around since social media and the insight we now get and the ability to poke around their personal lives at our own leisure.

Although we might get a bit blown away by Adriana Lima and her extremely up close shots and her sweaty post gym pics, we love that we get to see how hard she works on her unbelievable body and inspire the rest of us to get down to the gym – just perhaps not post the dripping photo after!



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We have grown more and more to love Miranda Kerr and her Instagram, endless backstage photos, quotes personal to her and her adorable puppy. Though I’m sure mostly it’s the nation scrolling through, dribbling, over her incredible body and convincing ourselves she’s not real, it does make us see how she is so much more down to earth in a simple snap.

As we grow up with these models we see them become mothers, we can smile over cute polaroids of baby Bloom and even recently got the treat of Gisele Bündchen in make-up while breastfeeding at the same time – yet is there a limit to how personal we allow our Instagram’s to get?
Maybe there is a secret comfort in pretending these women aren’t real and that if we see them doing the day to day things that we, as regular people, do that it will become an even harsher reality that we could be like these women but just can’t work out enough or maybe its just finding the right ‘selfie’ angle mixed with the perfect Instragram filter.

caradelevingne on Instagram

Instragram should be about having fun, about showing your followers what you get up to and worry less about what you look like. Cara Delevigne has the most controversial yet full of life photos of her Miley Cyrus tongue, googly eyes and Cadbury-advert-eyebrows which we’ve never seen this side of to such a highly paid and well known model, which is definitely the best way to showcase your photos.

She poses the question of have models always been like this and never been able to express it or is she the first model to genuinely have a personality and know what the word fun means. We see her risqué behaviour and R rated friendship with Rihanna and we absolutely love her for it. Is it all for the greater good? It promotes a healthier image for women and the job role that is ‘model’ – self professed feminist and Queen of the music industry, Beyoncé has also taken matters into her own hands with her visual album and the ‘Pretty Hurts’ track video of a model eating cotton wool to highlight the pain some women go through to be considered a model.

[youtube id=”LXXQLa-5n5w”]

The lyrics, and entire album, is all about empowering women to feel comfortable in their own skin and that these extremities are not necessary to feel good about yourself and this is exactly what the fashion industry should do and which is the exact direction we are seeing Delevigne hash tag her way to inspiring other crazy women to ditch the duck pout and say ‘cheese’.

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