Plastc card is every card in your wallet

Aside from the super chringe-worthy voice-overs in this video, Plastc card is the latest in ‘smart cards’ that will replace all those dumb plastic cards in your wallet and purse you have to carry around with you everywhere. The main difference with this card, say opposed to others like Coin, is that it appears to have a PIN chip on it that is necessary in every single country on the planet except America (come on guys… get with the times).

About the product the cpompany says;

Plastc is dedicated to re-inventing the way you pay and re-imagining the traditional wallet.

At Plastc, we think the unthinkable, tackle the impossible, and conquer the unachievable. We are a passionate team with extensive design, engineering, and financial experience using state-of-the-art materials and practices to create truly revolutionary products.

Our approach is 100% consumer-focused. From the second you remove your Plastc Card from the packaging, we provide the easiest, fastest, and most secure payment experience on the market. When you pay with Plastc, you pay with confidence.




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