Animusic isn’t just a music video… it’s something else entirely.

Animusic was founded by Wayne Lytle, a computer animator and computer scientist who created his first visual music animation, “More Bells & Whistles,” in 1990, while at the Cornell Theory Center, now the Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing. Compared to the baroque textures of official Animusic videos, “More Bells & Whistles” is rudimentary, but the instruments Lytle invented—a CGI vibraphone fountain, synth laser, and self-playing xylophone—make appearances in many of his later pieces.

The half-dozen songs on YouTube are culled from Animusic’s two DVD “Video Albums,” each of which took Lytle and his very small team around three years to make. A third Animusic DVD was Kickstarted in late 2012, to the tune of $200,000. But the animations are still under production, a delay that the company attributes to a complete restructuring of their proprietary modeling and rendering software.

[Source: Motherboard]

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