No Banksy has not been arrested. Don’t be stupid.

Reddit strikes again! Looks like some enterprising youths have duped websites into reporting that Banksy was arrested and his identity revealed as Paul Horner (pictured).banksy-mugshot

Pretty sure they should’ve known better after reporting that he was arrested in the middle of his newest piece about an anti-masturbation dolphin…

Police apprehended the famous street artist while in the middle of finishing a piece about a mascot for a Christian organization named Fappy The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin.

“I’m just happy to be a part of this whole thing,” Fappy told CNN. “I’m not familiar with this Banksy character, honestly if it’s not in the Bible I probably haven’t heard of it, but if this arrest spreads awareness of the harmful effects of self-rape, then that is a good thing. Hopefully news of this ordeal will bring the much needed attention to the dangers and consequences of playing with your sin stick or ringing the Devil’s doorbell. Hopefully, God willing, one day, masturbation will be illegal and people will finally be free of playing on the Devil’s playground. To find out more about finding a cure to this deadly disease, please visit STOP Masturbation NOW.”

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