This artwork made is made from several girls’ intimate sweat

A Belgian artist by the name of Peter De Cupere has just created a new ice statue of religious figure (and alleged virgin) Mary. But this particular “ice” was frozen in a German laboratory under special conditions.

Called ‘The Deflowering’, the Olfactory artwork is made to sit in a gallery space, with visitors walking round catching wafts of the scent, as well as getting up-close sniffs and touching the pungent statue. It’s basically made from holy water and vagina sweat, collected from a bunch of women.

As the artist explains on his website, the statue considers the connections between femininity and spirituality. He says: “The smell of p*ssy is real vaginal scent conserved as odorous substance …The smell is produced by movement and sweating in the female intimate area. It took years to manage to capture the treasured organic vaginal scent … The scent is a mix of different women, of different origine and is a tribute to the freedom of being a free woman, exploring your sexual desires.”

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