LED matrix face masks

The UnMask is part of a series of experiments of fictional products that Simone Rebaudengo and Paul Adams started in Shanghai this last October in collaboration with Xinchejian (the Shanghai Hackerspace).

They are interested in exploring the intersections between mundane and affordable technologies with whatever happens around them in China.

We both live in China so wearing a mask is very common and is mostly related to air quality issues. You can see people wear it in the streets, in the metro and generally in every outdoor public place as soon as the indexes go over 100. Additionally in nearby Japan masks are very common, but for a variety of different reasons that go from the fear of passing flu to others and pure shyness of girls to hide the late day make up.

In both scenarios it’s not too far off that wearing a mask could become a daily and normal thing, whether for an ecological or a social dystopian evolution and if you ever would wear one, you soon realise that it changes the way you interact with people and the environment around us.

So what if i had to wear a mask all time?

As we believe in the value of some random emotional exchange in the streets, How would you read someone else’s subtle facial reaction to your words? How would you have a conversation when you barley can see each other? How would the simple act of exchanging a smile happen between two people crossing paths?

The Unmask is a possible answer to this. It’s a mask that allows to read your facial expressions and unmask your “emotion” hidden underneath.

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