Open-source 3D scans of museum items generate new creative works

Artist Oliver Laric worked with the Usher Gallery and The Collection in Lincoln to create 3D scans of their collections, then made the files available online. The art that emerged is varied and sometimes astonishing, like the work above by Leah Ferrini.

Some new works are physical such as 3D printouts using various media, and some are digital. Their site notes:

The project aims at making the collection available to an audience outside of its geographic proximity and to treat the objects as starting points for new works. All models can be downloaded and used without copyright restrictions.

Below are some of the creative ways one 3D file of an Einstein bust was reimagined.

Albert05_display_large-680x907 Einstein_Bust_Voronoi_preview_featured tumblr_mwvx0iGpIe1qb3erro1_500