Justin Poulsen’s severed USB thumb drives

For his 2015 promotional mailer, Toronto-based photographer Justin Poulsen surprised his potential clients with a remarkably realistic and literal interpretation of a thumb drive. A series of severed fingers (silicon, of course) are each embedded with USB keys — when plugged into a computer port, they offers the surreal image of a bodily extremity strangely protruding from digital device. Poulsen has each individually handcrafted each object using a variety of paint colors to mimic everything from cuticle color to dried blood. All 50 specimens are completely unique, embodying a truly personal pursuit at impressing, and likely shocking, viewers of his professional portfolio. Take a look the video above to see how they were all made.


justin-poulsen-handmade-severed-usb-thumb-drives-designboom-01 justin-poulsen-handmade-severed-usb-thumb-drives-designboom-02 justin-poulsen-handmade-severed-usb-thumb-drives-designboom-03 justin-poulsen-handmade-severed-usb-thumb-drives-designboom-04 justin-poulsen-handmade-severed-usb-thumb-drives-designboom-05 justin-poulsen-handmade-severed-usb-thumb-drives-designboom-06 justin-poulsen-handmade-severed-usb-thumb-drives-designboom-07 justin-poulsen-handmade-severed-usb-thumb-drives-designboom-08
[Source: Designboom]