Designer label mimics the human anatomy with wearable accessories

Kofta is the Kiev-based label of designer Konstantin Kofta that combines seemingly contradictory elements outside the traditional canons of the fashion industry, with garments and wearable accessories that evoke sensuality and surrealism while maintaining practicality. Skin, bones, hands and feet are a few of the human-sourced elements which define a series of backpacks, shoes and handbags, each unexpected in its anatomical accuracy and realism. the designer’s ‘Hug’, ‘Born’ and ‘Roots’ collections thread a common theme around these corporeal motifs, linking visuals of praying and perched hands, skeletal segments and toes together in a series of couture items.

konstantin-kofta-accessories-designboom-01 konstantin-kofta-accessories-designboom-02 konstantin-kofta-accessories-designboom-03 konstantin-kofta-accessories-designboom-05 konstantin-kofta-accessories-designboom-06 konstantin-kofta-accessories-designboom-07 konstantin-kofta-accessories-designboom-08 konstantin-kofta-accessories-designboom-09 konstantin-kofta-accessories-designboom-10