The site where doctors share X-Rays of weird things inside people’s butts

Radiopaedia was founded by Dr. Frank Gaillard in 2005, when he was studying to become a radiologist in Australia. As any doctor—or anyone who is weird and curious enough to spend her free time reading medical cases knows, there’s a lot of crazy shit that goes on in hospitals.


Radiopaedia is an educational resource to share tutorials and knowledge about all things radiology, but it’s also little bit for amusement. Just a little.

A note about an eggplant (right image):

The shape of the eggplant means that once it’s [sic] equator has passed the anal verge it has a tendency to scoot up up and away. When that happens… well, it means an embarrassing trip to the emergency department, or perhaps the local horticultural society.

[Source: Gizmodo]