Google and Mattel are bringing back the View-Master

The retro-styled View-Master is back — and this time it’s been fused with virtual reality. View-Master maker Mattel has announced that it’s partnered with Google to create a new version of the device that utilizes the company’s Cardboard VR tech.

The original View-Master utilized a small, colorful reel, which users placed in the device to see images with a 3D effect. For the VR version, you’ll need a smartphone running a custom Mattel app to recreate the effect (the device will also work with any other Cardboard-compatible app for more traditional VR experiences). The reels will still exist, however, and will be sold separately to provide different experiences, like giving you a view of Alcatraz or other iconic locations like a space shuttle. Mattel calls these scenarios “360 degree photospheres.”

[Source: The Verge]