55DSL celebrate 20 years with feature length documentary

55DSL was originally a street-wear division of Diesel, started in ’94. But what started out as an experiment, quickly grew roots and has persisted ever since as platform for a global action sports scene that gives young talent a platform to showcase their work.

After twenty years of experimentation and promotion of lesser known talents (and some huge insirations) in the form of t-shirts, prints and jackets, the founder and creative Director of 55DSL Andrea Rosso thinks it’s time to take a temporary ‘creative hiatus’ to replenish the team’s creative juices.

“Life is made of cycles. After 20 years it’s time to regenerate and find new enery…” – Andrea Rosso

In conjunction with this haitus, 55DSL has created a video tribute to the past two decades (you can watch the trailer above). The video features music by the Bloody Beetroots and a bespoke soundtrack entitled ’20 Years of 55DSL’ that is a manic audio-visual journey through the brand’s life-cycle.

The video exposes the decisions and progression that marks their move from an exclusively action-sports orientated line through to its transformation into a full street-wear range, including their limited edition t-shirt line ‘10.55’ (which incldues designs from over 70 artists), and their patronage of the 90’s long-board scene (which we can all be thankful for).

The collection of clips included in the video uses DV and VHS tapes, projector slides, polaroids and DVDs, giving it a kind of ‘growing up Wonder Year’s-style’ vibe.

The background of the brand really hits home in the ‘iPad head’ interviews (you’ll see) with iconic artists like photographer Gavin Watson, whose image of his brother giving the two finger salute you’ve probably seen a thousand times.

A fitting tribute to the brand, watch the full film over at 55dsl.com