The fitness tracker for your orgasms

“We build adaptive vibrators that create an entirely new way for women to connect with their own bodies and learn about their sexual preferences.”

Wearable tech already allows you to track your sleep, count your calories, record your steps, dissect your moods and analyse your periods. Now, the latest fitness tracker app lets you evaluate your sex life.

Smartbod, created by two entrepreneurs from UC Berkley, is a vibrator that uses sensors to monitor your arousals – basically a fitbit for orgasms. The vibrator then sends feedback to an app synched up on your phone. By tracking the data, the device will be able to learn what a woman likes, detect trends, and make suggestions for improvement.

“We make learning about your arousal and orgasm less like fumbling alone in the dark and more like discussing your Fitbit’s step count with friends.”

[Source: Marie Claire]