A wearable sex tracker for men.

Lovely is a smart wearable sex toy designed to enhance couple’s sex life.


Lovely monitors your body movements during sex and sends this data to the Lovely App. The App will suggest you new positions to try next time, show how many calories you burned during sex, what was your top speed and more.

Made with body-safe, silky smooth silicone, Lovely is worn on the base of the penis to enhance sexual pleasure of both partners.


Lovely is made of silky smooth, stretchy medical grade silicone that feels fantastic on your body. Thanks to its profiled, stretchy shape and vibrations, Lovely is designed to enable both of you to feel a lot more for a lot longer.


Based on your sexual activity history and personal preferences, our easy to use Lovely App provides helpful and fun recommendations to help you have even better sex next time.

Lovely tracks and analyzes speed, duration, force, and other important characteristics of sex.  You can even track your calories burned and number of movements.


Currently campaigning on Indiegogo, the Lovely campaign is at 22% with 29 days left to go.