Festival Fashion Tips to Stand Out This Year

Some festival fashions come back year after year. While all of the outfits worn to festivals are individual and fun, you still want to stand out. Festivals are definitely not about blending in! So, how can you be sure that you stand out from the huge music loving crowd this year? Use these tips!

Wear Something Sheer

Sheer items are not for the faint hearted, but can be found in a few high street stores this season. You won’t see many people wearing them as they just aren’t brave enough! There are sheer tunic dresses, and even sheer flares made from lace! These look perfect at festivals but you may need to find something else to wear underneath if you’re worried about flashing too much flesh.

Rock a Unique Headpiece

I just love headpieces, especially for festivals. It’s your chance to wear something on your head that you never would otherwise! Some people opt for sparkly headbands, flower garlands, and even full on feather headdresses! It all depends on the look you want to go for and how brave you are.

Cover Yourself in Metallic Tattoos

Metallic tattoos are a non committal way to get some pretty boho ink in your life. Have them going up your arms, over your hands, and anywhere else on show so you can make a statement and sparkle in all of the right ways.

Layer Up Your Jewellery

I love layering up jewellery to get a boho, unique look. I wear multiple necklaces of different lengths and materials, as well as a ton of bangles and rings. I love my white gold bangle bracelet and how it looks when pairing it with friendship bracelets. There are no rules when it comes to jewellery at a festival, so just pile it all on and go full on gypsy! Just don’t wear anything too expensive or sentimental, just in case.

Wear Lots of Texture

This isn’t necessarily a festival tip, as you should wear texture in all of your outfits to make them look more interesting. However, it’s especially important that you do this at a festival. You want to look like a real gypsy, hippy, boho, rock chick mix of every texture you can find. Leather, denim, faux fur, suede, and crochet should be considered essential. Play around with textures before you arrive so you know exactly what to wear.

Experiment With Your Makeup

Festivals are the perfect time to experiment with your makeup. Make it look extra magical by wearing glitter on your eyes, and maybe even your lips! Wear an unusual color on your eyes. Consider painting something onto your face with face paints too! You have so much choice, but remember you’ll probably be limited to mirror space you have unless you pay for luxury digs.

Use these tips and you’re bound to get noticed at your festival for all of the right reasons. Have any tips of your own to share? Leave a comment below!

Have an amazing time at your festival!

Image credit: Leonardo Samrani