Pertini – “Blackfriars Bridge”

London duo Pertini have released their debut video today for their first single ‘Blackfriars Bridge’. The track is released digitally on Friday August 14th and produced by Marc Pell from Micachu and the Shapes.

With an agenda against unproductive lamentation, the electronic duo showcase a drive to tackle the hardships of personal turmoil. Their Marko Anstice (SXSW Film Award winner) directed video ‘Blackfriars Bridge’ is the perfect visual accompaniment for the acts retrospective lyricism.

Unforgiving stop-motion and the impossibility of escaping the scene create an atmosphere that is both relentlessly restrictive and claustrophobic. Falling to the “mercy of a higher power”, actor Fernando Valdivielso must find a way in order to flee the insanity of repetition. The overlaying psychotropic hues not only add a dimension of surrealism to the video but in turn complement Pertini’s hazy electronic atmosphere.