5 Tips For Men Who Want To Look Fashionable

Men want to be fashionable just as much as women aim for that perfect style. But it has to be said that, on the whole, fashion, style, and glamor are all aimed more towards the female gender. There are certainly a lot more magazines and sites for women to take note from than there are for men. However, because of this it is actually easy for a man to look fashionable by just following these simple rules.


Accessorizing is not something that only women should do. Men should accessorize their outfits as well, although not in the same way. For men it is more about knowing what accessories go with the right dress wear. For instance, if you are heading to the office you should always wear a watch with your suit. Using a watch has become obsolete ever since smartphones entered the market but they are still seen as a must-have fashion accessory. Shinola’s black watches are the perfect item to complete any business outfit, for a man who always wants to look his best.

Fitted Clothes

Unless you are a teenager stuck in the year 2000, your clothes should always fit appropriately. We do not mean your t-shirts should be so tight you can see the outline of your chest. You may be proud of your physique but this is not fashionable. Similarly, you should not wear baggy clothing as a style choice or to hide a body you are embarrassed by. Your clothes should fit without being constricting. Badly fitting clothes is the ultimate enemy of man who is trying to look stylish.

Proper Grooming

There is a misconception that men do not need to be groomed as much as women. The messy hair and unshaven stubble are looks many men try to pull off. However, you should be aware that this will only look stylish if styled. If you want your hair to look messy, you still need it styled by a professional. Spending more on your haircuts will give you a look that is in the latest style and trend. If you want inspiration, try looking at how male celebrities style their locks. But be aware, not every style will suit every man.

Don’t Over Do It

Since we’re mentioning celebrities, you may have noticed that a lot of them dress to impress. They over do their style choices and wear things that no one else would think of. You should not follow in their footsteps because they are trend setters, and you are not. The best way to dress is to choose your own style while not straying too far from the norm. Plain is always a wise choice rather than overdoing it. Instead of choosing a flashy, artsy t-shirt try something simple like a white v-neck.

Be Confident

Finally, to pull off any style you have to own it. You must feel like you look good otherwise people will see you as a fraud, wearing something that doesn’t match who you are. So remember, whatever style you choose make sure you act the part.  

[Image credit: Flickr]