Noisey 48 Hour Mixtapes presented by Pepsi Max

Pepsi Max have teamed up with Noisey to challenge some seriously creative musicians to graft the ultimate in summer city soundtracks – with just 48 hours to do so.

In the third and final installment of the series (just released today), producer Slick Shoota, is on a mission to capture Oslo’s sound of the summer in a mixtape created during Norway’s Oya festival, the results of which he’ll debut at an Oya festival after party.

Enlisting the help of a host of Norweigan talent and guest artists (such as, Drippin’, Purrpurr Purple, and Boska), Slick Shoota’s studio becomes a creative hub, as he harnesses Oya’s musical energy to create 7 original tracks before we see the culmination of all his efforts shared at a banging Oya after party. Watch above and listen to Slick Shoota’s full mixtape here.

[youtube id=”Jv_D1vs_tdE”]

The first episode (watch above) features grime legend Jme running around London to make his mixtape in the run up to his performance at Wireless Festival.

Over the course of the two days, he goes round to his friend Shakka’s house and lays down some vocals in his home studio, he hits up a world music instrument shop, and then gets some bars from presenter and all round London character Poet. Listen to Jme’s full mixtape here.

[youtube id=”QDRUZQxnmYo”]

In the second episode (above), Noisey and Pepsi Max challenged Murkage Dave to travel across Manchester (home of Creamfields festival), checking in with the scene’s key players in an attempt to make his mixtape in 48 hours, ahead of a house party for artists, friends, and fans.

Directed by Mike Skinner, who you’ll know from The Streets and Noisey’s Hip Hop in the Holy Land, the episode features a host of Manchester’s top talent. Over the course of two days Murkage Dave and Mike run into Hey Gamal, Hypes, T-Man and more.

In true Murkage style the film ends in a blow-out, where the tracks are showcased for the first time at a local, high energy house party. Listen to Murkage’s full mixtape here.